Aerial, Dynaudio, Soliloquy, or ProAc s

Anyone compared or have an opinion on the Aerial 6's, Dynaudio 3.0, Soliloquy 6.3 or ProAc 2.5? My system includes CAL CL-15 running direct to Aragon 8008BB amp. I have a relative small room 16 x 13. My music taste vary but include rock, jazz, and even broadway show tunes. I tend to listen most critically to vocals. I do split my system w/ an HT set-up but don't pay as much attention to the sound quality when watching movies. However, solid low bass is important. Any thoughts or additional suggestions would be appreciated. I am willing to spend about $3,000 used.
I movedfrom Linn Sara 9's to Soliloquy 6.3 . I didn't lose any of the Saras articulation which I liked but the base, richness and fidelity to acoustic guitar are phenomenal. I auditioned B&W and Revel & I liked the 6.3s much more. I think they are very cable sensitive: ARC VT130 to Syn Res now works better than Transparent and AQ 4
Aragon mates very well with Dynaudio speakers. Personally I'd hold out 'til I found some 3.3's. For an extra g on a used pair you'll never look back. They also make complimenting speakers and a sub to round off an ultra hi end system. Good luck!
For a couple of hundred dollars more, I would go with the Aerials 10t used. Excellent midrange...
Thanks for the opinions guys. I agree the 3.3 and 10T are excellent speakers. My only concern is that I move around alot and am usually in small apartments. Some of these speakers may be too much for small to mid sized room. Therefore they may not sound their best.
Proac's will do the job.