AERIAL CC5 over CC3B? Worth it?

Hi Folks, I have a friend that has the Aerials 10T and looking for opinion from anyone who has the CC5. Comparisons between the cc3b over the cc5 would be appreciated. Worth it or Not?
If you have 10t's then Yes. If you have any other aerial speaker then NO. ONE EXCEPTION: if the room is very large then the cc5 might be a better choice, if the room is small to medium, the cc3 is the way to go.
Yes it's worth it. The CC5 uses a lot better mid-range driver with a wider crossover slot than the CC3. If you need one let me know.
I just upgraded to the cc5 from the cc3. Still not broken in yet, but matches with my 10Ts seamlessly. I have not yet had a center that sounded this good (I have had 2 M&Ks, a B&W, Von Schweikert, the cc3 and finally this one...) Simply amazing dialog. Even though its expensive, its the best I have heard..... Theta CBII, Theta David II, Krell amplification on the front end....
I finally bought the CC5. Let me tell you folks, there is nothing like this thing or beast. Its build quality and sonic performance is nothing less than stellar. It can easily, without strain, throw a large soundstage and does everything soooo well and accurate. Best of all, it mates very well with my Aerial 10t's. I find myself actually watching and being engaged in the movie now. Folks who have the CC3 or 3b, you should give the CC5 a listen. It is by far one of the best CC I've owned and heard....
I have to agree with Daniel. I just received my CC5 this past weekend, and that is one great sounding speaker! I auditioned both the CC3B and the CC5, and the CC5 was the winner hands down. I'll be mating the CC5 with LR5's later in the year.