Aerial CC3/LR3/SR3 vs. Alantic tech vs Triad vs ?

I'm considering the Aerial CC3/LR3/SR3 speakers for 5.1 theater use only. For those familiar, how would they compare them with Atlantic technology (older 370/450THX), highend Triad, and other manufacturers? I'm especially interested in upper midrange and treble harshness comments.
No treble harshness the the Aerials!!
You can't go far wrong with Aerial. A very low-key company making a great product.

I owned Aerial 10t's for quite a while, as well as Maggies, B&W, Infinity, Thiel and so forth.

Recently I went back to Aerial with the new 20t's. Expensive, yes. Worth it? Most definately.

Keep in mind the boom and sizzle that many high-end speakers have today sounds pleasant in the dealer's showroom, yet will grow old quickly once home.

A speaker with a balanced presentation such as most of Aerial's line will please you far longer. Not to mention the quality of the cabinetry up and down the line.
I have a CC3B centerchannel speaker and love it. It's very balanced and open for me, and definitely has authority when the signal is full-range. Upper frequencies are highly nonfatiguing.

I've rebuilt the crossovers (and removed the 2 frequency controls) and can send you (or anyone who asks) a schematic of the very-complicated device. I replaced all caps and resistors with highly affordable Zen and Harmony 'propylenes from North Creek.