aerial and salamander

Has anybody used salamander tv stands to house an aerial acoustics CC5? Will it fit? thanks,ken
Kenbo -

I have one that holds my CC5 - I don't remember the model but I will try to find it for you.

Aerial makes a dedicated stand for the CC5. This is a fabulous speaker and if you are spending this kind of money and understand the quality involved .... , I wouldnt shortchange its performance in any way . Just my opinion .
Yes, the Salamander can accommodate the CC5 with the optional riser.
I am considering a CC5 center also...problem that I see is that the salamander gives you about 18-19" deep...CC5 is about 22" deep...thus it would stick out front...I have 3 wide unit with a riser...other potential problem is height of riser for some center speakers...

Height shouldn't be an issue since the risers range from 9 to 12 inches. As for depth, you will have some clearance in the back anyway for wires and ventillation. You would probably have the speaker a 1/2 inch in front so that would leave 2 1/2 inches in the back, which isn't a lot.

I have a Paradign c3 under a 10 inch Synergy riser and I'm pleased with the shound. It's a double with about 300 pounds of electronics and a CRT so it's pretty stable.

The one cautionary note I would say about Salamander is that from my experience their quality control has gone a bit backwards as has their quality - they've cut a few corners.