Aerial Acoustics Model 9

I just purchased a set of Aerial Acoustics 9 yesterday used and i’m looking for input on placement. My room is approx 29’x17’. Right now I have the speakers placed slightly toed in towards the listening position with the speakers being 44” from the side walls and the back of the speaker 36’ off the back wall or the front of the box is 55” front the back wall. My listening position front the face of the speaker is 12’ or approx 16’ from the front wall/13’ from the rear wall. I know these are starting points but i’m Looking for any advise from experienced 9 users to try and get optimal performance. They sound pretty damn good out of the boxes but i’m Looking for maximum soundstage and normal size imaging. Also, one last thought. The 9’s I purchased came with Sound Anchors with EdenSound Bearpaw elevators. I noticed when I raised the speakers onto the Bearpaws, the bass became muddy, loose and a bit over powering. I removed the Bearpaws for now and spiked the Sound Anchors with the shorter set of spikes provided and everything tightened up again. Could the bass issue I encountered be due to raising the speaker up higher and since the port is on the bottom, allows too much air to release and also doesn’t acoustically load the speaker enough? IDK, any thoughts?
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In theory a woofer will have its flattest response when located near a surface (wall or floor). My Snell Type A's have a woofer at the bottom of the cabinet and require placement against the front wall. So they take advantage of this boundary effect and have flat bass below 30 hz - no sub needed! 
Roy Allison used this boundary effect in designing his speakers. 
Of all the companies that have come and gone in my 50 years in audio, and they are many, THE one I miss most is  Allison .
If you had two corners all was well !
Only room that didn't like elevation. Nothing else. It means no rising needed. You can sell risers to get a small discount.

i thought that was strange as well. I tried again tonight and my bottom end goes to crap immediately. I’m going to sell them, I have no choice.
Consider it as a happy choice. There's nothing wrong, because every room is different especially the bass response. There's no good sounding woofer with flat response which has nothing to do with problem. 
Salle fhe footers that is!! Love the speakers

@luvrockin How are you liking the Model 9s nowadays?
@rlovendale I absolutely love the 9’s. Once I got them dialed in, I’m very happy with them. Very detailed, 3D and open!
@luvrockin Thanks for the update! What did you end up doing to dial them in and what are you powering them with? Seriously considering picking up a pair locally.
@rlovendale The seller didn’t have the original outriggers/mounting basses & ft. Instead they came with a pair of sound anchors with brass footers with spikes which raised the speaker too high off the ground. There is a port on the bottom of the speaker and being raised up that extra 1+” made the bass boomy and muddy. It was horrible in my opinion. I removed those feet with spikes and installed the factory spikes into the sound anchors. The bass transformed immediately into fast, tight, snappy bass which I expected. I also played with towing the speakers in a bit and positioning them a hair closer to the back wall. Now the back of the speaker is about 3’ from the back wall and about 3.5’ from the side walls. This system is crappy eery sometimes, amazing. Very 3 dimensional, wide soundstage with sound coming way past the speakers right and left, great imaging etc. Belive it or not, I use a Proceed AVP 2+6 set up for 2 channel listening as my preamp and a Mark Levinson 23.5 with Transparent Ultra MM2 cables throughout. I’m very pleased. At first I was very unhappy until I dialed the in and now there’s now way I’d part with mine. Hope this helps in your decision.