Aerial Acoustics 7B and Best Amplifier Pairing

What would be the best amplifier pairing for the Aerial Acoustics 7B? I am considering Pass Labs as well as McIntosh.
Are you going to use them for movie watching or listening to music?
What are other components do you have or plan to have in this setup?
I had a pair set up to listen to music. Drove them with Threshold T200 amp (Nelson Pass design solid state 100 watts class A). I basically liked the way it drove these speakers but I always felt like they really needed alot more power to really sing.
My 2 cents.
They will be used 50/50 HT and audio. They are paired with the other Aerials, SW12 sub, SR3 surrounds, and CC3. Denon DVD2900 is used as the CD player and the Denon AVR 5803 is being used as the processor. Running with Signal cables.
Hmmmmm, Denon with Pass labs sounds like a miss match to me. I use a Theta Dreadnaught to drive my LR-5's, CC-5 and SR-3's I think you'd be real happy with the Dread I or II.
What about the Bryston 14B-SST?
I've used a Sunfire Cinema Grand to great effect driving 7Bs, CC3 & SR3s. I am a big fan of the Pass Labs amps, and think they could be a match. Could be a too warm combo for some. To my ears, the Macs I've heard are not in the same league as either Pass or Sunfire.
Haven't heard the Bryston w/these speakers, but could be a good match because if anything, the Aerial is a bit on the warm side, where the Bryston amps generally lean a tad to the analytical, dry side. They could work well together.
I also recommmend you give a Dreadnaught a listen...Aerial and Theta are a good combination
Theta dreadnaught or if you can swing the Enterprise mono's they are incrediable!!
I used a 14B SST with a pair of 7B's, Bryston BP25 preamp, and Harmonic Technology Truthlink interconnects. I would not characterize the Aerial's as warm. Accurate, maybe. Warm, no. The system was very revealing and too bright for my taste. Ultimately, I replaced the 7B's with Von Schweikert VR4 SE's, and the BP25 with a First Sound Presence Deluxe II. Now, it all sings. Whatever you choose, the 7B's seem to love power. Get more than you think you'll need.
I ended up with a Bryston 6BSST to drive the fronts and center channel. The best way I can describe the change is the feeling one experiences after an airplane ride. Your ears are buffered during the initial ascent but eventually open up once the pressures have equilibrated. Listening to the Aerials 7B with the Denon is a similar feeling. The speakers now sound impeccably clear and precise. The change was definitely observed on 2 channel music but even more remarkable on the 3 then 5 channel theater on the Diana Krall DVD.

The Denon AVR 5803 still drives the two surrounds. They are fine but I suspect that if they were driven by another Bryston 2 channel amp it would be even better, perhaps some day. Thank you for the excellent suggestions.