Aerial Acoustics 6T Speaker

Just wanted to inform you GON members that my review on the Aerial Acoustic 6T Speaker will be posted tomorrow on the website that I review for The 6T is a wonderfully musical speaker with a terrific cost/performance ratio. It does justice to all types of music and even though its a petite floor stander its over all dynamics and low end extension are reference level.
Teajay, I just auditioned the 7T last week, but my local dealer does not have the 6T. Have you heard both?
I reviewed about a year and a half ago the 7T. Gave it a big thumbs up, you could go to and look up the review in the archives for the details. The 6T is for smaller or normal sized acoustic spaces then the 7T which performed wonderfully well in my very big listening space.

The 6T images like a reference level two-way, the speaker completely disappears, yet its overall dynamic range and low end extension is amazing considering its relatively small footprint.


I have heard both models and did not like the sound? Maybe the 10T/20T are better. I simply could not get into this speaker. Same can be stated for the Vandersteen Treo & Quattro. Per haps it is the crossover or something...

I much prefer, and make them my reference loudspeaker, THIEL CS 3.7 or CS 2.7 , depending on room size- the speakers require big rooms to really open up and sing. Happy Listening!
Hi Jafant,

This just proves that personal taste and system synergy always is in effect and everybody should use their own ears. I wonder when you heard the 7T's and 6T's what was the upstream gear?

Both Thiel speakers I have spent time in front of and neither are my cup of sonic tea. Great detail and transparency, however I found them to be all leading edge and somewhat lean sounding even with tube gear. It's one of the speakers that sound like a good speaker to me, but not like real music.
Right On! Teajay-

I wanted to like/love the Aerial speakers- it just did not happen. The associated gear was from Classe' Ayre and Mark Levinson- no slouches there. Cables/cords were from Transparent Reference XL or OPUS systems- no slouches either.

Perhaps the Aerial 10/20T models are better?