Aerial Acoustics 10T vs Talon Khorus

I plan on buying some used speakers to replace my Tekton Double impact, which will be sold @ auction on another site (Reserve Met). I have been looking and researching replacement speakers for several months now. Today, or for now, i have narrowed it down to the 2 speakers mentioned above. The Aerial Acoustics 10T are perfect like new condition and are the latest or last version or iteration. made. They are a beautiful Rosewood finish with the most up to date components for that Model (10T).

The Talon Khorus X look older and have had the crossovers updated ...etc

Talons here:

Talon Khorus X with Khorus X crossovers, very nice pair in Italo Pearl For Sale - US Audio Mart


Aerial 10T Here:

Aerial 10T Loudspeakers, Premium Santos Rosewood Finish with Custom Sound Anchor Stands Photo #2774914 - US Audio Mart

Which would you choose ?

Any thoughts ????



Another vote for the Aerials.  The Talons were said to measure very poorly and hence were never reviewed in publications that provided measurements.  Plus, as mentioned earlier, they’re outta business so good luck if you blow a driver.  I think the choice is crystal clear. 


soix is correct.


I don't know about their newer products, but those older Talons measured terrible

See here:

AND sounded like they measured: super colored.  For a while I had the monitor version to check out and I literally thought they were broken they sounded so "off."

The Ariel speakers measure better and sound like it (I'd auditioned the 10T not too long before hearing the Talon speakers, long ago).   They 10T is more open and natural sounding, and very powerful.  (Careful with the I remember).

Thanks to all for the replies.

I have decided to go with the Aerial 10Ts. They come with the stands, and yes he wants too much for them, BUT in the pictures they look Brand New.

I will pay more because of all of these factors

I view Aerial 10Ts as one of the classic speakers of our time and u can’t go wrong as long as you have the power to drive them, which apparently you do.  Enjoy!!!

AND sounded like they measured: super colored. For a while I had the monitor version to check out and I literally thought they were broken they sounded so "off."


Interesting comment above. I did not own the monitors but I never thought the Khorus or the Ravens sounded broken at all.


That being said, your blanket question asking which one we would buy depends on your system. The Talons IMO are much more dynamic, had better clarity, and had the best bass when set-up correctly that I heard in my system. The 10Ts were more "musical" had a better mid-range but did not have the deep bass and definition of the Talons. With SRV on Riviera Paradise, the Talons were the best speaker I ever head play that song.

The 10Ts also had issues with the top cracking but I am not sure if that had an impact on the sound.

You need to select a speaker for your system and the type of music you prefer not what any of us think.


Happy Listening.