Aerial Acoustics 10t vs 7b vs 6

Any thoughts on the Aerials 10t speakers. I've listened to the Aerial 6's and sounded very very good. Your thoughts on any of the aforementioned model is appreciated. Thanks
I owned the 6s for over a year. I liked them a lot. The one negative thing I found, was that they need a high current amp to get them to come alive. I tried a number of amps, Krell 300i, Classe CA151 and Bryston 4BST. The amp that got the most out of them was the Bryston, although overall I wasn't happy with the match. The Classe was much sweeter sounding, but the dynamics were missing and the speakers sounded lifeless. I have heard the other models you mentioned and in my short experience with them found the same to be true. So, as with any amp, sytem matching is very important. The problem here might be that your amp choices will be limited, and any future changes will be very speaker dependent.
I own 10ts and have really enjoyed them. they are a great all-arounder: they can play subtle close-miked jazz records, rock out and also do acoustics very well. tight, fast bass and a sweet midrange for voices and piano, trumpet and guitar. the speaker that i was considering buying when i bought these was the wilson watt/pup 6 ( which was just too too something..) i liked it's bass ok - it was the treble that would fatigue me after 40mins of listening.. images reasonably.. when i bought them i was looking to recapture the pure fun i had with my first "high-end-ish" speakers: the mirage M3si i think was the model.. fun speaker but not as revealing as the 10T. 10T needs juice however - i run it with a Krell FPB600 and Spectral pre and digital gear. LInn LP12 for analogue. I do think the 10T is a giant killer in its price range. HOpe that helps.
I have the 7b's and think they are fantastic. I think the improvement over the 6's is worth the money. The 10Ts are in a different league, but they all have the same tonal quality. One caveat: you need a high current, powerful amp. I am using the classe CA-100 and definitely need to upgrade. With this classe, the bass is not tight and defined - they are power hungry.
I've got 10t's and will echo the other posts, they need current! I had a pair of Classe' M-1000 mono's that were good, but found nirvana with Levinson 33H. Don't let the "150" watt rating of the 33H fool you, there's MUCH more to them than meets the eye. 10t's will be a mirror of the upstream components. Am I crazy to drive $8500 speakers with $20,000 amps? I think not! Paul
I have the 10Ts and the 7Bs. I can only echo the above comments. Great speakers. The 10Ts are driven with a Krell KAV-250a and the 7Bs with a Sunfire Cinema Grand. You can't go wrong with Aerial speakers. Also have the CC3 and SW-12.