Aerial Acoustics: 10T, CC5, and SR3 Value?

I have a the set of speakers listed above. The 10Ts and CC5s are matching Santos Rosewood. They are in my home, climate controlled, but have not been used for the past couple of years. I had intentions of making a media room in my new home but now kids are here and you all know how that goes. I have all original packing material. The 10Ts are on concrete stands, I cant recall the brand as of now, and the CC5 also has a stand made by the same vendor. All speakers are in mint condition with no scratches.

Looking for opinions on what are they worth?

The whole bunch can go for $5k in the best case.
Unfortunately not nearly what they cost new. For the 10T anything over 1.5k is great. I have a pair also. The version is an issue as early ones had the top crack until they changed molding material and the process. A great speaker that deserves to sell for more but may not. Mine have the sound anchor stands as the combo was popular. The other speakers are all over the chart as matching is an issue. Best of luck. Jallen
Agreed. I've seen them typically offered on AG at $1,800. I still have my pair from 2001. Talk about a great value for some lucky buyer!