Aerial Acoustics 10T, CC5, and SR3 Combo value

Hey forum members. I have a huge dilemma. I cannot believe it but I am starting the dialogue to see what a nice Aerial package is worth. I have a full set of 10Ts in Santos Rosewood with Sound Anchor stands, the matching CC5 in Santos Rosewood with stand, and a set of SR3s. I assume the are original versions but would have to double check that. They have all been boxed up in my home for the last 9 or so years. The house just isn’t conducive to having the big speaker set up. Prior to that, they were used in a home theater set up smoke and pet free. As far as I recall, there isn’t a scratch or ding on them and in perfect working order. I have thought about just selling them off and on but just couldn’t do it in the hope that I one day have a dedicated room again.

There are some very knowledgeable folks on here.

What do you think the full set is worth. Not interested in breaking them up in parts.

Thanks for any opinions.
Hi FI Shark will give you prices for what they are selling for now. 
EDIT:  After reading a little more on the 10Ts.  They might actually be MKII versions.  I bought them in 2002ish and they were lightly used at that point.  Given the MKII started shipping in 1994, I am guessing there are the MKII version but will check and verify before i do anything.
Those are high quality speakers that are typically long-lived.
While not the newest designs out there, they sound very good and are not embarrassed by anything near their (used) price.
Their appearance is somewhat old-fashioned but still stylish and well-constructed.
They are incredibly dynamic and would be perfect for somebody setting up a small to medium sized dedicated theater room or a rec-room where the older style appearance can be forgiven.
They would also be perfect for somebody putting together a very good-sounding system on a budget.
All that is intended to say, don't give them away.
It seems $2-3K has been the going rate for 10Ts the past couple of years but since yours are rosewood, you have the boxes, and they are in good condition, and assuming they have no issues with the  Novolith head material, you may want to ask north of $3K, with another $1-1.5K or so for the CC5 and another $1K for the SR3s.  I suspect, depending on patience to wait for the right buyer and whether you are in an area where it is easy for buyers to pick them up, or whether they have to be shipped, you should be in the $5-6K range for everything (or maybe even a bit more to the right buyer) just my guess.