Aerial 9s--is there a lot more bass than 10Ts?

Do the Aerial 9s, with 4 woofers/speaker,
put out a lot more bass than the 10Ts did?
I am afraid they would be boomier or need more space
than the 10Ts did. Would they perform well in the
same space/placement as the 10Ts? Thanks in advance.
Thanks Jaybo. Specifically, 4 woofers seems like they might
be bass heavy. Any truth to this?
Thanks Jaybo.
I used to own 10Ts and liked them because they
"did no harm" and sounded nice and fluid on any
recording I threw at them. So I am looking again
at Aerial, but the 9s and even 20Ts seem to be too
big and would have too much bass for the fairly
nearfield situation I have (~ 7 feet from the
front of the speaker).

They never really replaced the 10T with an
equivalent speaker, as the 20T requires a much
bigger space. I wish they would bring back
a 10T version 2.

It is interesting that the 7B has been around
(essentially unchanged, it looks like) since
the mid 1990's (and the 5 & 6 also, I believe).
There is also the LR5, but I don't know where that fits in.
There is a 7C on the way to replace the 7B...may be worth checking out. I get low end extension in the mid-20s with my 7Bs in a modest-sized room (14.5 x16.5 x9) with no "bass boom."
the build cost of a new version of the 10t would be very very high compared to the original...a sign of the times...the simple one box designs are easier to make and ship.
Thanks for the replies. I wonder whatever happened to the "Novalith" material used in the 10T head unit. Maybe that was the source of its nice, pleasant, midrange tonality and smooth highs.

And sdrenslow, thanks for that info. A new 7C? Wow, a revision after 13+ years (I believe). Bob Kelly does take his time to get things right I guess.

I really did enjoy the 10Ts, by the way.
I hope the new 7's have the nice deep but non-boomy bass
(even near to the wall behind them) I heard in the 10Ts.
I never heard the 7's, but would you say the bass is non-boomy?

Someone once wrote here that, after many other
speakers with all sorts of audiophile tricks of the trade that had fatiguing downsides, that they
just returned to straightforward Aerials to
be done with it. They are a real
do-no-harm speaker (at least the 10Ts were).
I kind of feel the same way.
You just plop them down and they sound good even with
modest upstream equipment (I had them with a $2500 Aragon 8008 amp and an $800 CAL Icon CD player in the mid 1990s.
But a later Pass X350 transformed the mid+highs and especially vocals into a glorious sound.)
No, the wall didn't drop away behind them and they didn't
totally disappear, but they just made you feel good for hours on end.)

Any comments on all this rambling are welcome.
Thanks again for reading.
The 9's need a big room. I have them in a closed in 14x25 room and the bass is overpowering. Midrange is smeared as a result.
Funny thing about the 7s is the used prices have been rising. If you waited watched AG you could pretty much pickup a nice pair in the $1800 to $2200 range. Lately over the past 6 months I'm seeing them more in the $2500 to $3500 range. I've got 7Bs which I'm pretty happy with. Just a hard speaker to drive though. I curious what amps would be too much power. I've been tempted to pick up an older Krell amp and just see what they'd sound like with 600 watts or so. I'd like to see a pair of 20Ts to grab for under $10k.
I agree there's not a true replacement for the 10T, ... But in the end I felt like the 10T (always written as a great speaker) would be a slight step back because of it's (and this is personal) long-in-the-tooth look. Bob Kelly is a sharp guy. He's not going to 'replace' the 10T with a total step back.

The Model 9 in no way has boomy bass. It's fast and tight. I don't agree that a large woofer like the 10T with rear porting would be easier to place in a room then the four bass speakers of the Model 9 that are bottom ported. How could that be? I don't agree Model 9s need a big room. 10T goes deeper in bass, but will need a good amp to control it.

I'm quite impressed with the air, soundstage and depth of stage I'm getting. They are driven by a pair of SimAudio W-6 monoblocks, btw.
I have 9's in a 15 by 22 room. No problem with boomy bass. I have rugs hanging on the wall behind each speaker and that may help dampen the bass in a good way.

I am thrilled with these speakers. For me, they do everything well. Most importantly, as was mentioned, one of their best features is that they are not fatiguing at all. Virtually all other comparable or supposedly superior speakers I have heard are eventually fatiguing. That's a big problem for me as I seldom have the music off.