Aerial 9 to 10T

Anyone with first hand experience or owner AERIAL 9.
Anyone compare the 9 to 10? which better choice?

if you like aerial speakers, IMO the 9's blow away the 10's. bass isn't muddy (slow/loose) like the 10's, overall the 9's are a more musical speaker.
The 9 is more modern, and better looking. Still, the 10T is a formidable speaker (esp. the 2nd generation ones), which I think require a bit more effort to set up, however they are an excellent value of late... selling for very reasonable money it seems.

See my review of my 9's under "reviews" -- I love them.
i have the 9's and have heard the 10's i think there isn't much comparison the 9's ROCK i really do love them.
have never experienced slow or loose bass with the 10's.sounds like room or amp problems.these are excellent spkrs.,especially at used prices here.