Aerial 8B's tweeter type ?

I have the aerial 8B's, can anyone give me the brand name or type of tweeter that aerial uses ?, I would like to get speaker that uses the same tweeter for my rears, I don't think that any of the smaller aerial speakers except the model 6 uses the same tweeter, thanks
Some of them (all?) use the same one, though it may be in different packages. I believe the 5 and 10t use the same, not sure on the others. It's a custom unit made by MB Quart. Not available separately, or directly, AFAIK. Doubtful that Aerial sells them except on exchange, either. :<

Probably the best dome tweeter I have heard, IMHO.
I know that the 10t, 7B and CC3B all use the same tweeter, so I would expect that the 8B does as well. But any Aerials are going to have a very similar sonic signature (especially for all the older "non-sealed" cabinet models). The newer sealed LR3 & LR5 sound very slightly different.