Aerial 8b,s or Vandersteen 3a sig.

Which speaker would you prefer to own between these two. I currently own the Aerial's and are happy with them, BUT, I have always wanted a pair of Vandersteens since the 70's. They hit me as a little similar really, both non-fatiquing,a little loose in the bass,big soundstages, etc.Just a thought, would like others opinions.

I like both, but prefer the Vandy's.
I can tell you that if you choose the Vandersteen 3A sigs
you will be in for a treat especially with live music.
The drivers are all in sinc with each other Phase and time correct this preserves harmonics which makes live music
seem more genuine.
The multi enclosure low baffle approach and unique midrange
seem more demensional which allows the speakers to disappear better than any box speaker i have heard.
In your size room they should really settle in nice
Let us know what you think
Good luck Johnnyr
Personally having heard both, I'd stick with the Aerials hands-down. Time-alignment as in the Vandys and well-known in Theils, looks much better on paper than in reality.
looks much better on paper than in reality???

Many Vandersteen owners will disagree. Vandersteen and Theil are the only speakers that are designed to reproduce the wave of an acoustic instrument I believe. Vandersteen can be a little "forgiving"
Wireless200, I suspect like many other things, some people are more sensitive these particular attributes than others. Of course other people might be more sensitive to other attributes.
Sardonyxx, there have been, and there continue to be others besides Thiel and Vandersteen.