Aerial 7T to Dynaudio C2

This may be my last component change for a long time. Curious to hear opinions on going from Aerial 7Ts to Dynaudio C2s. I've heard the C1s, but not the C2s. I thought the C1s were very good. Just looking to go to the next level of clarity, detail, and spacing.
I've auditioned both speakers.  Neither impressed me.  Of the two, I'd probably have a preference for the Aerials.  You might want to audition a few speakers from the Dali line.  BTW, I have not auditioned the C1s, but I was told by the dealer that they were in some respects better than the C2s.  

Thanks for your input. I attended RMAF in October and I believe I listened to Dali's. This hobby is very subjective and I came away from RMAF with more respect for my Aerial 7ts. I've recently changed my amp/preamp, DAC and now it's time to make one more upgrade. I listened to Focal Sopra 2s, Magico S3s, YG Acoustics, Joseph Audio, and a few others. I've narrowed it down to Dynaudio C2s or waiting for the new Aerial 12s. I submit the problem with most speakers is how much the other components and the room influences their sound. My speakers sound significantly different now that I've changed components, but it's still time to make a change.
Dont do it,,hows that?..The C2s are what Ive always referred to as the ugly step child and sales have reflected that over the years.If you cant afford the C4 line then C1s with a good sub would be my choice without even thinking...but having said that Im not certain Id buy either and dont get me wrong as Ive owned C1s and C4s and enjoyed my times with both.I feel there are better speakers in the same price range now,not so much back when but now for sure.

Just curious what speakers you are talking about that would sound better Than C-1's with a Rel sub for the same price?

Decided to stay with my speakers and purchased an Aurender N10 to replace my Bryston BDP2. I'm done!

after reading about so-called glorious reviews of both brands that you are considering- I was not impressed w/ either speaker.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
No speaker is great to everyone and the associated equipment/room has a significant impact on what you are hearing. I heard the Magico 3s, Joseph Audio Pearls, and Focal Sopra 2s at RMAF this past October. I understand it was under show conditions, but none of them totally blew me away. There were a couple of speakers at RMAF that I loved, but they were above 50K. In my system the Aerial 7Ts are very, very good and I don't want to make a lateral move.
My plan is to replace my SVS subs with two JL Audio F110s and I've already sold my Bryston BDP2 to replace it with the Aurender N10. 

From everyone who heard the Sopra at RMAF and didn't think they sounded good....they probably didn't sound anything like they should.
They were just shipped from France for the show and were new...with no break-in time.  Shame on Focal for showing a brand new pair of speakers.

I replaced a pair of 1028be2's with Sopra's in December.  They were really disappointing for the first few weeks until they had about 140hrs of continious play time.  Judging from my the time it took to break-in my 1028 speakers, it's gonna take around 400hrs before they show their magic.  Not sure what's going on during break-in, but someone suggested it's not just the drivers but also the capacitors they use in the X-Over that needs a long break-in period.
I understand what you're saying, but maybe those that heard them just don't prefer them. If so, that's fine. No speaker will appeal to everyone. 
That is very true about preference for one brand's sound over another. 
There's no perfect speaker that suits everyones individual taste and their personal hearing acuity.  
Personally, I prefer a highly detailed sound that has a 3 dimensional soundstage with great imaging and lots of depth.  Also, dynamic range and the ability to convey a sense of weight and power in the bass is important.
I can't win. I just purchased a pair of JL Audio F110 V2s and a JL Audio CR-1. My system sounds better than ever and I say I'm done. Yesterday, a good friend offered me Dynaudio C4 Platinum's at a crazy price, but he wants me to trade my JL Audio subs and CR-1. Unfortunately, I don't have an opportunity to hear them, so I initially said no. Now, my disease(always thinking about the next upgrade) has me thinking about trading my Aerial 7Ts and subs for the C4s. I'm I crazy! 
Lady Fate has a crazy way of showing up when we least expect it. I would take this as a sign that you should go for the C4's. If they do not work out you will have satisfied your curiosity and can resume your auditioning process. 

Maybe you could try a 30 day swap?, with your friend.

My advice is to stay put - unless as Tom mentioned you can give them a try.  That is probably unlikely since moving speakers around is a hassle.  Your first sentence says it all.

In that case I would definitely pass. You need to love all aspects to be truly HAPPY!

Keep Looking and Good Luck in your search!
What did you end up doing?  Did you keep your Aerial 7T's?  Have you upgraded the components around them?

I ended up changing everything. You can view my system on Audiogon. My current speakers are Monitor Audio PL500 IIs.