Aerial 7T better or not as good than the Studio 2?

I have not heard much about the Aerial 7T. Only a few comments came out on them. Lots of glowing remarks on the Studio 2 and Salon 2. Although, the Aerial 7T are newer and the Revels are 3 years old. There may be new Revels around the horizon.

I'm not interested in moving from speaker to speaker, but enjoy Home theater and some music. Will be buying the Aerial 7T be a mistake? I am a current Aerial Acoustic 7b owner. I have the Aerial cc5 center channel.
Or sound similar to the Revel Studio 2? Any help would be appreciated.
Or is the Studio2, 5k better?
Did you get any info about this comparison? I was thinking about these two options as well.
FWIW, Terry London, in his recent glowing review of the 7T in the March, 2012, edition of, stated that the 7T could hold its own with more expensive speakers, including both the Revel Studio 2 and Wilson Audio Sophia.

I have heard the Studio 2 at RMAF and liked it very much, but have not heard the 7T. A recent article suggested that the 7T's more conventional tweeter does not suffer in comparison to the the beryllium tweeters found in the Studio 2 and Focal 1038Be.