Aerial 7bs or Thiel 2.4s

I've been l;istening to all types of speakers to replace my old Thiel CS 2s. I've narrowed my chouce down to the Thiel 2.4 or the Aerial Acoustic 7Bs. I have a 14'X12' room with Pass Labs X-250 amp and Cary preamp. Focused mostly on analog playback using an Aries 2 with Dynavector 20XH cart with musical interests ranging from Classic Rock ('70s, some '80s), acoustic jazz, classical, alternative and modern rock. I also have been listening to quite a bit of female vocal recordings. With that said, I want a speaker that is revealing, but not insanely so. Obviously these are two different speakers, but I would like to hear from 'goners who have experience with either one. I should also point out that I'm not unhappy with the Thiel CS 2s. I actually think they sound better than the 2.4s, but not as good as the Aerials. Seem to be a bit warmer sounding than the new version. My system goals is to create a revealing system that leans towards the warm sound of tubes.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.
If the 2s sound better than the 2.4s I'm confused as to why you're so willing to spend $3K. And if the Aerials sound better than both what's the question again? leo.
I don't understand why you would even consider the 2.4's, given your preference for the 2's. I seems like your choices are narrowed down to keeping the 2's or replacing them with the 7B's.
Easy choice- CS 2.4 speakers.
I have the 7B’s with a X250 and they sound great together. Haven’t heard Thiel’s in years so I won’t comment on them, but when we had two dealers selling them locally, one before the other, they didn’t do it for me. I took a pair of Thiel’s home at the time and bought a pair of ProAcs over them. I had a set of Dunlavy’s before the ProAcs; to me the Thiel’s like Dunlavy’s just didn’t pull me into the music for long listening sessions. At first they sounded great but I later found them to be fatiguing when listening at long periods of time. I could listen to ProAcs and now my Ariels for hours and hours. Aerial's are very musical.