Aerial 7B's vs Totem Forest ?

I am looking to downsize my system do to a smaller room, I currently use the aerial 7b's which I like very much, do to size I am considering the totem forest, my local dealer does not have the forest to listen too, so I am looking for opiniions, if I go with the forest I would use the rainmaker center and rears, I am using a parasound a51 and c2 setup with a jl 113 sub, thanks
The Forest is too rich for a small room. Plus you have a sub. I like the $1500 pair. I think it is the Staff? I know that the Hawk and Forest are not any better, they just play louder or fill a bigger room.

The 7b is a great speaker and with the Parasound would sound rich.

I am a dealer and while i don't sell either of these products I know them well and like them.
I haven't hlisten to aeriel 7b but I have had Hawks, sold them but presently own model one's
Forests,winds and Sharmans I have never listen to the Arro or Staff but I believe their are like the Hawks and I hated the sound of the Hawks. Three years later I find out from a dealer that the drivers in the model ones, Forests,winds and Sharmans are different then what is being used in the other models thus the reason for the different sound. If you can afford it try either the model ones or the forests and don't waste your money on the others
the forests are not to rich for the room I have a pair of Winds in a 8X10 room and the detail is awsome
The Forest should work fine in a medium sized room. Not sure how small you are talking about. Contrary to what was posted above, the Forest will NOT fill out a larger room. I tried a pair in a 26 X 16 room and they just didn't cut it. They sounded pretty good, but not enough for that room.

out of curiosity have you considered a bookshelf system? You have a very good sub to fill in so how about some of the bookshelves that are small but punch big? I auditioned some Dyn C1's in a really big room once and they were really hitting above their size but still sounded great at sane volumes. just a thought.
I'm currently have a pair of 7Bs in my bedroom. Sounds great and the finish of the speakers has kept my wife from complaining. If I were going to downsize I'd go with the 5Bs or Dynaudio. I don't know how much downsizing from the 7Bs you're going to accomplish by going to the Forests or the Hawks.
I haven't heard the Aerial's but I have heard the Totem Forests a few times at CSA Audio in Upper Montclair, NJ in the last few years. They have deep, strong bass response and impact in part to their 8" woofers and cabinet loading, etc. They could very easily overload a medium sized room especially if used with a sub even as good as the JL Audio ones. Overall though, they are beautiful sounding and very engaging and open.