Aerial 7b's

The Aerial 7b's have been in the company's lineup for quite awhile, does anyone know if they are being phased out for a new model? Also, what models from other companies in the price range of a used pair of 7b's compete with them and would be versatile in both two channel and as part of a surround sound system?
I'm hesitant to get the 7b's because they have been in the market for so many years and there might be other speakers that might be more 'updated'.
Thank You
Last time I talked to the guys at Aerial a few months ago they had no plans to phase out the 7b. I think it's one of their best selling models - probably due to the WAF. How else to explain the better sounding 8B phased out a couple years ago - the big woofer on the side didn't look good. Lots of speakers available in that price range. It's personal preference really. One thing to keep in mind if you buy the Aerials, you'll never sucessfully use tubes with them due to their inefficiency and low impedance in the bass region. And hate to sound cliche' but they need lots of power. People have always said that about them and I have verified going through 4 different amps from 100 watts to 400 watts. The power wasn't the issue I tried all these amps but the knowledge of what the Aerials needed powerwise was refined as a byproduct. So you shouldn't consider them unless you're willing to throw some muscular solid state at them. Also they are known as fast and detailed and I agree with that assessment. Not Theil-like but they aren't going to miss anything either. Aerials new models are the home theater speakers and I think they're coming out with some new stuff related to more HT.
regards, David