Aerial 7b, Nola Contender, with Ayre AX-7e?

How would these do together?

I've never heard the aerial but read plenty of good things. Heard the Nola and liked them, but possibly a little too warm/lush for me, wasn't sure if it was the electronics or the speakers.
What is wrong with the Argon speakers that you have? I have heard these are great.
Do you actually have the Ayre? If so, what do you think of the sound.
I have Aerial 7B's and I have Classe integrated amp. What I heard them with in my dealer's showroom was Ayre - liked that combination enough to take the Aerial's home with me.
Absolutely love the Argons. Wanting to see if I can get something I like as much but with more authority in the bass, something more full range. I'd look for something else from Amphion but they rarely come up on I can easily live with them while finding the next best thing. Somewhat just upgrade fever striking I think.

Like the Ayre a lot. It's an amp that does pretty much everything in a musically pleasing way, with no sin of omission or weakness I could point to. What comes to mind first about the Ayre is that I don't feel like I "hear" an amp, I'm just listening to the music.
I have had Aerial 8, Aerial 6, and currently Aerial 7b. All have liked lots of power. Not familiar with the Ayre.

Good description of the Ayre sound. The most common speaker to match with Ayre (And best, in my opinion), is Vandersteen. The model 1 is great but I would get the 2 if you can afford it. If you do it right, you can save a great deal of money and soundwise, the results are stunning. Just to note, I say this from experiance, I'm currently using both Ayre and Vand in my main system. I've had stuff that cost a lot more but nothing to equal what I have now.
I took a set of Aerial home and can now vouch they mate very, very nicely with Ayre amplification.