Aerial 5T impressions

Any owners of Aerial 5T out there that want to share their impressions?

I currently have B&W CM6S2's..
They are very detailed speakers with good bass. Sometimes the highs are a little on the bright side and I was listening to a pair of the Aerial 5T's.  They sound more neutral to me with less emphasis on the extreme high end.  Beautiful build quality. 

If you have similar or other experience with them I would  e very interested. 


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Michael Kelly was at Audio Video Therapy on March 4th for their annual spring Audio Show. In his demo room he was using a Prima Luna HP Integrated w/the 5T and a Plinius preamp w/a Plinius 125 A Class A amp w/the 6T. Both of these speakers are on my radar to replace my older Aerial 6's. He also had some photos of his new 25T coming out at the end of the year. Cost around $40,000. You can see pictures of the event including Michael's demo on the Audio Video Therapy Facebook page.

My dealer let me take a pair of 5T's home for a demo back in August. I had a pair of 10 year old Aerial 6's and was hesitant from going from a floor stander to a monitor. After 4 days of A/B testing the 5T's stayed and I sold the older 6's. I don't have a big room and the speakers were more open w/lots of detail. Excellent soundstage too. I have them on some excellent stands and about 18 inches from the back wall. One thing both Aerial models have in common you can play music all day w/out any listening fatigue.