Aerial 20T's, Original Speaker Stands

I have recently purchased a pair of Aerial 20t's on Audiogon. Unfortunately, the seller does not have the floor spikes and related hardware. The spikes are an integral part of the speaker and without these spikes I will not be able to get the true benefit of the speaker design. He did have the crossbars and castors, I have been told that the crossbars for the castors are the same as used with the spikes. Aerial is in short supply of the hardware and cannot supply. Any input on the following questions would be of great help:

1. Are there any members that may have a set of Aerial spikes and knobs willing to part with them.

2. Is there aftermarket hardware that are designed to work with the 20's, I believe that the thread count is 1/4" 20, however this may not be correct.

3. Are there any close up photos of the spikes and knobs, or any scaled drawings for the hardware. Perhaps I can have them made, however feel that that would be expensive.

4. Any ideas on how to solve the problem

Thanks in advance for any replies
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Give Cable Company a call. They should have whatever you need.
Buy the 2" Audio Points from Star Sound Technologies. Will probably sound as good and might even be better sounding than the points that came with the Aerials. They have them in the thread you want. They are solid brass and many users swear by them. I have all my stuff, including the speakers on the Sistrum racks and platforms they also sell. The Sistrums 101's are a major leap up in performance over points. The platforms incorporate the solid brass points in their design.
If you were to go the Sistrum SP-101 route under your 20Ts, you would experience an increase in ALL performance parameters that would be at least the equal of a major upgrade to the crossover and wiring of the speaker. They aren't cheap but the sound difference is really staggering to hear. They make the music much more dynamic, live sounding, transparent, and beautiful all at once. Even allow you to remove room correction devices--just won't need anymore.
I believe spikes are 3/8-16.
Call Aerial/Michael Kelly and I suspect they can solve your problem.
They are among the best in the business, IMO.
I have Model 9 stands I don't use but would have to sell the stands/spikes together.
Call Aerial.