Aerial 20T...has anyone heard it?

Is this the new top of the line for this company? I saw a pictire of it in "Enjoythemusic" and it resembles the Wilson watt/puppys...Joseph audio Pearl, Piega and so many ....Any first hand knowledge?

Thanks all!
I have 10t's. I've seen the 20t's on the Aerial web page.
I'd like to hear 'em, but no one around here has 'em in Massachusetts. I'd probly be best off calling Michael Kelly and taking a ride to Wellesley, LOL!

I listenned to the 20T's just recently along with the Wilson watt/puppies 6, I believe. The 20T's were absolutely fantastic. The imaging,soundstage, everything was terrific. The idrange was a little laidback for my friend's taste, who likes the B&W sound, but to my ear they were amazing and much better that the Wilsons. Pricey, but I'd put 'em in my system any day.
Thanks Moto mam , I got them and could not be happier. Mike Kelly is a Master Craftsman and anyone who knows his products knows what efforts he puts behind each and every one of his speakers. As with any statement product , break-in is crutial and I am still experimenting with placement but out of the box they are liquid! These will make a big noise in our circles soon. And if i may , the guys at A-V in Columbia Sc were absolutely incredible in their patience and efforts with me and that makes a world of difference in a world being taken over by Tweeters.
Brianwater, I read your last thread about the 10's. Did you have sub woofers with them? Do you need sub's with the 20's??
RWD , I had 2 sw 12 subs with 10 s and am still utilizing them with the 20 s at times. Using the meridian 861 I can go to "direct" and it bypasses subs. It depends on mood and program material. The 20 s are in a class by themselves and are capable of showing you just how bad downstream equiptment can be. 20 s in front , 10 s in rear and cc-5 in center with 2 sw 12 subs is the multi- channel / theatre configuration at present. As for the question , you do not need the sub with the 20 and in fact , I judiciously apply it mainly for lfe dominated soundtracks but not often for cd or sacd. I do go back and forth but no , it does not need one for 97% of my listening sessions and the range is vast. The rotation spins from Patricia Barber to ELP and from Yo Yo Ma to Dave Matthews with a dose of industrial metal and techno. Thats the beauty of the 20 s . It does everything so well. Thats my opinion of course. Give these a listen and while im at it , the sw12 subs are simply awesome for music and that tells you all you need to know for theatre.