Aerial 20T / Eggleston Savoy

My roomm size : 28/15/7.
The better choice?

Thank you.
I would lean ever so slightly toward the eggleston depending on your amps and music preferences. That short wall and low[ish] ceiling may also be a limiting factor for the savoys.
You'll probably get close to an even split on this question as both are wonderful speakers.

If you can live with either, choose the speaker which matches best with your amplification. Very important.

Personally I love the tonal purity of the Aerials.
Can't help on the comparison. I own and love Andra IIs, and have heard and was really impressed by the 20Ts, but certainly didn't hear them in a sufficiently similar listening environment to comment intelligently. But I can say that after some hears of listening to the AIIs in a 23' X 14' X 9' space, there is no way the Savoys would work in that room, and as Westborn suggests, I can't imagine them not chasing you out of a room with a 7' ceiling
Another speaker worth looking into would be the Von Schweikert VR5 Anniversary. The VR5 would be more detailed and a better fit in your room than the Eggleston and more Dynamic with quicker and deeper bass than the Aerial. The VR5 carries a lower price tag also. Food for thought.

Blessings, Bob
The new Aerial 20t nothing like it get them and be done!!
Thank you for yours answers threads.
My Amps/Preamps VIOLA Audio Labs BRAVO amps / SPIRITO modular preamp.
I don't always agree with Audiofeil, but I do agree with him Aerial 20T are something special. in my two separate dealer audition experiences, both occasions impressed me quite a bit and I don't get impressed easily. I tend to like paper cones over plastic or hard metal cones, paper sounds more natural to my ears with the slower and longer decay. there are exceptions, but rarely.

Aerial combines ribbon with paper cones to create a very clean top and natural sounding mid/bass. I found the sound very pleasant and easy on the ears. I heard the Savoy once, not in a very optimized room, I walked away feeling confused and impressionless.

the exception I was talking about was Usher BE-10/20. it's rigid cones for tweeter and midrange, but the resolution, speed, and lack of grain are something special. personally I will pick BE20 over 20T, but that's me.

Thank you everybody.
I have one of the best fan amp and preamp available on the market VIOLA Audio Labs SS: BRAVO 400W Amp and SPIRITO modular preamp, I am not yet decided: "HELP"
Aerial 20T V2 or EGG New Savoy's signature?

Which one sounded better to you when you auditioned them?
Thankyou Goatwuss, I don't auditioned them, that loudspeakers none sale in my country. now I have Andra II, I prefer warm and powerfull sound.
As much as I like Aerial speakers, I'd go with the Savoys given a choice.
I should probably add that the reason I would go with the Savoys is that I like Dynaudio drivers and consider Eggleston and Silverline to make the best use of them.

After listening to the sound EGG Andra two get tired, I really like the tone of listening to the Aerial 20T V2,
I also love to listen to the Rockport Aquila, now I'm convinced and I hesitate the Aerial 20T V2 will purchase
or when Rockport Aquila, if it was you know what would be your choice?

I purchased the Eggleston Savoy Speakers brand new, and I currently own the older version of the the Aerial 20T.
When I got the Savoys into my stereo room, I thought this
was going to be my ultimate speaker for the rest of my
stereo hobbyist life. However, this fantasy was as far-
fetched as my dreamy allusion of these speakers. The 4-speaker cabinet (2 big woofers on the bottom of each cabinet)looks impressive at 58" high and around
375 pounds for each Savoy. However, to look at these speakers is to be misled by their limitations. I was deeply disappointed with the woofer crossover. The problem with the Savoys is that they are set for very loud playing and one must have the volume turned up very high in order to coax the woofers to get involved. I know this because I contacted the Eggleston Works and inquired why the speakers were so devoid of a fine woofer sound. The technician that contacted me from Eggleston was able to encourage the woofer section to kick in only after I had turned my comfortable listening setting well beyond my ears comfort level, so for my ears sake, I resigned myself to enjoying the excellent midrange and the tweeter part of the Savoys. What I learned about the Savoys is that they function well in a large room area where their enormous sound capabilities can breathe well and spread out in a large room area. The Savoys ARE NOT for a small rooom
setting (my stereo room is roughly around 22x14) and I never heard the woofers really sing, so I relucatantly parted with these speakers because of my small stereo room limitations. The kid in each of us wants to have big speakers that will allow one to hear the booming thunderous sound of base. To my sonic disappointment, this level of joy did not come from having these Savoys even after I had allowed sufficient time to break them in. The Aerial 20T, however, I found to be much more accommadating to my room size: a good clear sound and a nice, supportive base was there. The Aerial 20T is a more comfortable speaker to listen to if one wants to hear what a thoughtfully designed speaker can sound like when the woofers, the midrange, and the tweeters are working harmoniously together. What I have learned from my Savoy choice is to keep in mind the need to seek out reviews and comments about a particular speaker of interest. The lack of reviews about the Savoy should have tipped me off and caused my inner alarm bells to avoid this purchase. However, the kid in me won out in this instance and my choice was clearly accoustically wrong for my room setting. There are certainly more quality speakers able to enjoy music through, besides the Aerial 20Ts, like Joseph Audio "The Pearl" Speakers (for a smaller stereo room), or the outstanding Evolution Acoustics MM II Speakers (for a larger room setting). Before you plop your hard-earned money down for a speaker purchase, remember to read carefully the reviews and then choose the speaker that matches your needs and your affordability limitations. I
have learned the hard way from this commented on choice mistake that I errantly made.
Good post Michael457. Always good to learn a lesson from someone else's hard-won experience. Thanks.
the Savoys are MUCH larger than the aerial speakers- the andra's would make a better comparison. my room is 20 X 14 and the andra's were more than adequate in
every department. i have to admit i was using transparent reference-MM wires throughout which extended the bass response quite a bit. there is however something to be said for the carbon-fiber midrange units in the andra-three's that should offer a significant increase in midrange transparency and speed. i don't care for the redesign of the cabinets (IMHO) however- i am convinced that the andra-I had the most expensive speaker cabinet to produce and therefore was discontinued.
there is no reason in my mind however that the savoys can't be tweaked to perform better based on how room-friendly the andras are. which version btw did you have (there are a few different series)? but in any case they are HUGE speakers with alot of LARGE drivers- somewhat overkill to begin with. P.S.- AND THEN there are the IVY's- a wise choice if you want to amplify the local garage band...
I have a 22' x 13' x 9' listening room, and the Andra IIs produce thunderous bass in it. One look at the Savoys and I knew better than to try--open them up to high volume and the bass reflections would probably cancel each other out, leaving either a muddle or what appears to be just what you heard, a lack of bass. But it should also be pointed out that putting any twelve (?) year old speaker design up against the 20T, one of the best speakers I have ever heard, which wasn't around ten-twelve years ago, is asking a lot of the older speaker. I love my Andra IIs, but there is now an Andra III, and I am sure Eggleston had a reason for the model change; they don't do them often.
as far as i can tell from the andra-3 specs the improvement would be found in the use of a pair of new carbon-fiber midranges.
they should be faster and more transparent than the morel drivers in the andra-one and A-2. BUT at the same time, the andra-3 cabinets imho do not look like the same amount of money and effort went into them. the andra-one cabinets had TWO INCH THICK PANELS of italian granite bracing the sides of the midrange and tweeter column. if that is considered to no longer be an advantage in controlling resonances, then i would like to know what the new cabinets have to offer (other than an "updated look").
as for the low frequencies and the tweeter, from my perspective the A-3 doesn't (seem to) offer anything new. no doubt the crossover is probably re-worked to accommodate the behaviour/frequency response of the new midrange drivers. BUT OF COURSE if anyone reading these forums would weigh in on the performance, good or bad, of the Andra-3's, i would be most grateful. until then i guess we must wait (again) for stereophile to review a pair.
I had the 10T's for years. You cannot go wrong with the 20T's.
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