Aerial 20T as front speakers for surround system

My existing surround system consists of Aerial 9 speakers/ front and aerial CC5 speaker/center, with Snell Sp75ps towers for rear channel.I am thinking of buying a pair of Aerial 20T speakers/front, and moving my 9's to the rear. I use the system for movies,SACD, and DVD audio. Can anyone comment on this change. Thanks Robert
I have 20t's in a dedicated 2 channel system.

All I can tell you is I'm a satisfied owner, and make sure your amplification for the front channels is the best it can be in order to realize the full potential of the 20t's.


Paul :-)

Depends on your expectations. If you value music over music you will love the 20T's. If you prefer your system to sound it's best with music then you would want Aerial 9's all around.