Aerial 10T vs B&W 802 Nautilus

I am currently using 10T's (for the last decade) and am considering a switch to Nautilus 802's. I am using ARCLS5 Mk3 , Sonic Frontiers SFD2 mk2, Mcintosh MCD751 and Levinson 436 Monoblocks wih Kubala cabling. I have not heard these speakers in the same electronics system. I would appreciate feedback from someone who has. Thanks to all for comments.
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If I could afford 20T's there would be no thread here! So yes I do need them !!!And in the meantime??
You will probably be able to pick up 20T version 1s under $10k soon. I know I'm going to be looking for a pair.
I got my 802D's right after my wife died a couple of years ago. I needed a present and thought that the B&W's were beautiful to look at...I guess I thought that the top module reminded me of a woman's breast. Anyway, I never could get the speakers to really sing. They always seemed congested to me..there were no real lows and the highs were not silky as they are in real life. I ultimately sold them, got Vandersteens, and am very happy with those. Aerials always impressed me - when I heard them, they were very dynamic and musical. Personally, I chose the Vandersteens because I think they play even more like music, however, of the two..B&W's and Aerials, I'll take the Aerials.