Aerial 10T tweeter

I am looking for the replacement tweeters of my Aerial 10T speakers or any speaker repair shop.
Your advive and help are appreciated,
Best Regards.
Did you call Aerial? A lot of times it isn't that difficult to do it yourself if you have the new tweeters.
When I bought a new tweeter, they charged $75.00. That was ten years ago. Call them direct.
My friend needed to replace tweeter on Aerial 8. Aerial was great, and it was an easy do it yourself fix.
I called Aerial and they need to know the serial number so we can match it exactly(?). They charge me $450.00 + shipping!
Brian @ Madisound said this is a custom made MB Quart speaker that is no longer available.Brian is a great guy!
Rockitman- Do you have a spare one?
Jl35- Is tweeter on Aerial 8 same as 10T? If it is, please advise the manufacturing ang PNs.
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I believe the 8 and 10T shared the same woofer and tweeter, but mine are long gone.
You ever find a tweeter? I also need a pair!!
I get tired of audiophiles trying to circumvent the purchase of a proper pair of matched tweeters from the original manufacturer when it is possible. If you like your speakers enough to fix them, then fix them the right way. It's still cheaper than buying a new pair.
By the way, what woofer did Aerial use on the 10T?
Just found out the 2nd version of the Aerial 10T's used a Vifa woofer made to Aerial's specifications.
So it sounds like its a custom made woofer.
Which means you can only get it through Aerial.
The midbase is a Focal Kelvar.