aerial 10t specs

looking for power & effeciancy data on aerial 10t. also any tube amp matches[synergy] with these. thanks.
I don't have my manual readily available but I believe the 10t's are rated 4ohm and approximately 50-500 wpc with a sensitivity of 86 db. Frequency range is approx. 28Hz-21kHz +-3db. The vented ported is tuned to 22Hz.

Like many speakers, you can always get by with lesser powered amplifiers, however, the 10T's really start to come alive with significantly higher powered amps.

thanks for info. any exp. or info on tube amp recommendations for these spkrs.i guess at 86db,this is relatively ineff. also at 4ohm what problems does this pose? trying to get into tubes,hoping to make good choice based on knowlegdable info. from others with experience.
Machine, I've listened to some tube amps in the past but never in my home.

I currently own a McCormack DNA-2 Revision A amp. Steve McCormack's website claims that these solid state amps rebuilt with the best aftermarktet parts sound neither solid state nor tube like.

I wholeheartedly agree with that statement and would state that the amp sounds like the best of both. Although there's not many 1000 wpc tube or solid state amps out there for comparison.