Aerial 10T Speaker Grills?

I have a set of beautiful 10Ts in santos rose wood. After a couple of move, the grills have either been lost and or broken. I think I have one upper grill in normal condition and one lower in good condition but the plastic anchor that goes into the speaker to hold it in place broke. Do any of you guys know where I can have new ones made. I called Aerial a while back and they would/could not repair or make new ones.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Head grills are equilateral trapezoid forms made of plywood, fabric and Velcro type stickers on 4 corners.
The inside shape looks similar to 8 which is optional. Instead it's enough to have shape of inner and outer trapezoid. The fabric is similar to the curtain fabric you can get from Jo Ann or Walmart that is able to pass large amount of air with least resistance.
Even though Aerial does not supply grills to 10t they might share with you the exact fabric they use for their speaker covers. Each grill cover might have Aerial logo emblem which you probably may order or find for sale.
Give me call we can surely get you a new set of grilles - for a modest fee of course :-) if you have one of each they can easily be duplicated.

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Sorry, but there is no frame at all, just open weave foam.
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Sorry, but there is no frame at all, just open weave foam.
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I'm owner of 10t's to begin with....