Aerial 10T's - Temporary Solution

I just purchased some awesome Aerial 10t's. Eventualy I plan to power them with a Classe 301 amp. For right now my options are a B&K 305 AV receiver or an old Luxman R-117 receiver. Any opinions on which might work best in the short term?
Try 'em both and decide for yourself. I would think the Luxman would sound better for my experiences. Of course YMMV.
B&K make excellent gear. I can't see why you would assume that the Luxman would be better?
Prepare yourself for the bass ... I believe the 10T's are one of the great "underrated" speakers especially for rock music. I had the pleasure of trying a pair out for a couple weeks ... I have to tell you they like plenty of clean power. I first powered them with a Nak PA7 and then plugged them into an old Pioneer Spec system (Spec 2 @ 250 WPC). It was pretty amazing... I finally hooked them into a Denon 5803A receiver and thought they lost a lot of their magic.

Not bad mind you, but matched with the PA7 put the 10T's in a whole different league. I'm not sure what you looking for in terms of sound, how big your room is or what your music preferences are but I think the Classe 301 will be stellar. It will almost be better to run them on a receiver first as it will give you a good contrast when you bring the Classe into the mix.

Curious what pre are you planning on using?
The best amp I have heard with them is the Bryston 4BSST, next the Bryston 7BST which means the 4BST will also work well. They are so complete with the Bryston, I pulled out the tube amp and left in the Bryston. I also have added a ribbon tweeter and will replace the mids with carbon fiber ones. The tweeter is already an improvement in a great speaker.
Schipo, sorry, but the only assumption I made was which one the OP would like better. I bought a Luxman R-117 after listening to a B&K receiver, among others (NAD, Arcam, etc). Granted, just because I liked the Luxman better than the B&K doesn't mean that Shoff will.
Congratulations on getting a great speaker. My 10T's are 14 years old, and I still love them. Great bass, smooth neutral midrange and silky highs.

Can't comment on the B&K vs the Luxman. But eventually you want to go for a big SS amp capable of at least 200+ wpc into 4 ohms, with lots of current delivery (more is better here).

I drive mine with Bryston 7BST's, and the sound is awesome!

IMO the 10T is a classic benchmark speaker.
I went thru the hassle of connecting and disconnecting to do comparisons. The Luxman R-117 did in fact beat the B&K 305 quite handily. Thanks to all who posted!
Man...that takes me back in time about 20 years....I wish I could go back and do it all over again.....
Anyway, enjoy the R-117, it's the best receiver I ever owned.

I have a 301 on my 10t's in the HT. If you plan on really rocking these, get two 301's and biamp. You won't hear the 10t really sing until they get 400-500 watts behind them.

My 10t's will never leave. ;-)
I used a Classe ca300 on my 10T's for several years (I still have the 10T's today). Sounded pretty good, when it was working. The bought new amp broke down completely twice within 3 years. The first time Classe returned if after factory repair there were screws rattling around in the bottom of the box because they hadn't screwed in the chassis well (not impressed with that quality control at all). The second time I had to send it back after it quit working, the faceplate got cracked in shipment (I used the original factor carton). Though Classe said they noticed that the box was pretty damaged when they got it, they still threw it away. Without that as evidence, I wasn't able to make UPS liable, so I was out $450 for a new faceplate, plus $100 for a new box, besides shipping cost to send it for repair. Add to that a 3-4 week hold up at the border due to post-9/11 security each time, and owning a Classe started to get pretty tiresome. I dumped that POS (no disrespect to the esteemed Classe amp owners - it did have a wonderful liquid mid, and great things are being said about the Omegas), and bought an American made Krell. The Krell's performance surpassed the Classe in every way. To mention one specifically, the 10T's only critism from the reviewers was a slight bloat/over-fullness in the midbass. I did hear that on my 10T's through the Classe. With the Krell - that was gone. Just wonderful, tight, deep bass. Bigger sound stage, better slam and dynamics, and just as sweet a mid on female vocals.

You will need a big SS amp to get the most out of your wonderful new speakers. Enjoy!