Aerial 10T’s and my power amp... need help.

I have a deal in the works for a pair of 10T’s mk2. I am looking to buy my life speakers and these seem to be what I am looking for as I am not happy AT ALL with my Martin Logan’s.

Now, here is why I am here and seeking the wisdom of the Audiogon experts.

I have a C-41 pre and a MC-7100 poweramp.

My 2 channel room is small and a tad odd.

Will my 7100 be friends with these speakers? I do love the sound of the Mac setup. At this moment I cant afford to replace the 10t’s and the amp. The deal on the Aerial’s is really hard to pass up. I am a musician and want the punch and snap of cone speakers again. The ML’s just leave me flat and are a Bi*ch to position properly. Add to that, I’m a tweeker and cant seem to find the sweet spot for the Logan’s... two days in a row. Lol

I can down the road buy more power.

Now another odd question as I have the benefit of having a dear friend in the music gear industry and is willing to get me a Crown amp for the time being as they have great power and wont break the bank and I can use the amp with my p.a. When I replace it. XLS series with 350 watts per. I also have a line on a Crown K-1. Opinions on this?

Thanks everybody... I really need and appreciate all of your wisdom and advice...

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Your McIntosh equipment is fine for the Ariel 10T speakers. Don’t waste your money on the Crown amp. while it may have a lot of power, it isn’t clean power.  It was designed as a pro sound amp.  If they were that good, everyone would be using and raving about it.