Aerial 10T Revisions?

A recent 10T seller mentioned that there has been several revisions to the 10T including crossovers and drivers. I'm finally at a point where I can start rotating some speakers through my living room (13'x 21') and I'm replacing a pair of Snell B minors with a pair of 10Ts when they become available in rosewood or rose walnut. Appearance is important. I'm married. My question is are these revisions significant. Is it necessary to call the manufacturer and get revision dates and serial #s. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
If this is the case, I too would be interested.

I own a pair of Santos Rosewood 10T's built in 1998. I believe the 10T's basic design has remained untouched since it's inception 10 or so years ago. The only tweaks that I am aware of is Michael Kelly's tweaking of the crossovers every few years.

As I recall, the last crossover tweak was around 1997. I believe Aerial just stopped producing the 10T's in the last few months. Correct me if I am wrong.

I bought mine a few years ago. I think they are an excellent sounding speaker, very good looking especially with the stands. Fit'n Finish is tops.

Aside from the Vandersteen Model 5's, you'd be real hard pressed to find such sonic, build, and finish qualities anywhere near the 10T's retail price.

To maximize your enjoyment, I would not recommend compromising on the amplification. A 300 to 600 wpc amp would be an excellent match. Hope this helps.


I find most folks underrate the 10t for some unexplicable reason. provide this speaker with a quality frontend and the results will amaze you. My nirvana was found with BAT VK50SE-Levinson 33H-10t. System has been unchanged for almost 2 years now. I've heard nothing that has moved me from my perch yet!
Beemer: The 20T will. Take the 10T and improve every aspect. Hard to believe. Why did you chose the 10T over the 8???
Do you still have the B-Minors for sale ?
I am curious of your impressions of the Aerials vs. the B-minors.