Aerial 10T replacement?

Does anyone know when the followup to the 10T is likely to be introduced. I am told that the current model is no longer being manufactured and the replacement will not be here until the 4th quarter. Any input would be helpful.
If you go to you can view the 20t.
This will most likely be the 10t replacement.

thanks beemer. I think the 20t is more upscale (over 15k). I have been led to believe that the 10T replacement is in the 10k range.
I believe the 20T' retail will be around $20k.

I'm curious about the 30T that I heard about around 9 months ago but haven't heard about since.
I spoke to Mike Kelly a few weeks ago regarding the 20T's and hopefully they will be shipping soon. There will be another model that replaces the 10T it's not the 20T. Well I guess it is for now, but he stated another speaker will be coming out in mid to late 2003 that is in between the 20T and the 10T. Meanwhile he will be focusing on some in wall speakers to ad to the line. A more effiecient the the 10T and smaller scale of the 20T using the same Raven tweeter, but who knows. Meanwhile the 10T is still a fantastic speaker.
Its the 10T Series 2 coming out which will likely be priced $3000 to $4000 higher than the current 10T. Michael says he's hoping to have it available next January - so give it possibly 6 to 12 months more for production based on past experience!!! I talked with Michael a few weeks ago and he was still working on selecting the ribbon tweeter for it.
What you seek is the 15-T :^)