Aerial 10t or KEF 107 for "vintage" speaker?

I'm considering picking up a pair of Aerial 10t or KEF 107 for my main set up and am hoping a'gon members can help me with a few questions.

I can hear the 10t before purchase, but not the KEF, and while the designs seem similar, my research found only general comments of "they sound great" or "are great speakers" with not much detail on how each speaker sounds.

I tend to prefer a smoother, laid back sound, and generally, most of my critical listening is done at lower volume, so the ability to sound good at lower volume is key for me. My Mc pre has adjustible loudness control (gasp) and I've used it despite being viewed as a heretic.

As for amplification, I understand the Aerial " needs a bazillion watts" and enough current to power a monorail, so I'd probably be looking to amp swap if I go that route. I'm currently using a Conrad Johnson MF2250 (125w into 8ohm, close to 200 into 4ohm, but probably not enough current).

My main reservation on the KEF is the Kube reliabilty after all these years. It seems to be a critical component, and since most pairs don't have a Kube included, I'm assuming they've failed.
I do like that they vent out the top and not rear like the Aerial, since I'll only have a foot from the back wall to place. I have loads of space to either side.

Can anyone share thoughts on how either of these speakers sound?
There were a number of different versions of the 10T over the many years it was made. I much prefer the latest version. Call Aerial with the serial number and they will tell you which version it is and what the differences are.
Since you can hear the Aerial and if you like it that is the one
you should go for. The Aerial is a 4 ohm speaker so the 200
watts your CJ puts out should be plenty.Aerial is located in
Massachusetts so if you need support they are a phone call
away. I doubt you would get any support with the 107 from KEF.
I have a set of the 10t's the later version. I use them with a Pass Labs 250.5 and have used them with a Aragon 8008BB and they will really put out the volume with that much power. If you do not plan to play them real loud that 125w 8 ohm amp should do the job just fine. The do produce excellent bass and no sub will be needed...they are very forgiving in the high frequency but not laid back in my estimation just smooth and not over aggressive tweeters...I have owned mine for 8 years and are still most happy with them.
Thanks for the feedback Rrroberts,
I ended up taking a chance on the KEF 107. They were about a grand less, and will need some minor refurbishment that's within my ability.

I really hope to get a pair of 10Ts into my system some day. My main concern with their design at this point is the rear facing port combined with their total depth. I'd have to keep these jammed up against my front wall to keep from disrupting foot traffic, and I was worried about bass boom for that placement. If I move into a space with a room better suited to the Aerials, they will be at the top of my list.
The 10t always impressed me when it was driven well and placed a few feet out from the wall. One concern is that I recall hearing of many instances of the head enclosure cracking and that the material was more susceptible to cracking as it aged, so at least ask about that if you ever head in that direction. Cheers,

Yakbob, I do see how you could have an issue if the speaker is within 1 foot of the back wall...mine sit out approx. 30-34 inches and any closer the bass can get a bit muddy and resonant...sounds like you made a good choice for your situation...but the 10T's are excellent at any age...I also have a set of Energy Veritas 1.8's I use as rear channels but these also over drive the room if too close and have actually packed 2 of the 4 bass ports on these as they do sit a bit close to the wall. Happy listening... Russ
Aerial 10T was sounding great with 150wpc, but with 300wpc they sound much better.
Congrats, I picked up a pair of 107/2's with the kube and you are right about placement, I can put them against the wall parallel to the back wall and turn the heads in for great imaging. and they sound good with anything. go to audiokharma website and folks there will talk you thru any concerns ou may have because of their age.Steve