Aerial 10T MK2 switch to active xover and/or more?

Did anybody switch to electronic crossover in these speakers?
I fairly recently boght these speakers and still in the quest of getting from them the best sound.

First my consern was about dedicated Sound Anchor stands, but elevating them didn't seem to be the good idea to me since my listening height is aligned with speaker position.

My second and consern is overemphisized bass. I think that crossover point to woofer should be lowered. I might also think that isolating bass cabinette from the floor placing them onto Sound Anchor stands, but not sure of the magnitude.

Please share your thoughts

Speakers are currently driven with 2xSunfire SRA in biamplified configuration, Classe 30 preamp. Listening Distance = Distance between speakers =~5'6". Ceiling height = 9'4"
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How big is your room, how far are they from the walls?
The room is 15 long x 18 wide'. Speakers are standing along the wide wall approx 2" from it. My interior placement restrict me from placing each speaker equally from side walls so the right speaker has an acoustic pannel next to it. The left speaker is standing 2.5" from the side wall and also blocked by acoustic pannel.
I have Aerial 8's and the bass is not muddy. Your amps are not up to par for those speakers. Aerial speakers like high-end power. I have a Classe' ca-400 and this amp makes them sing and I mean sing. The bass is tight,crisp and fast. I would upgrade your equiptment first.
I use to have B&W 801's with Northcreek crossovers & Martin Logan Monoliths that sounded great and wonderful but they needed the best amps and so on.
I would try other amps, preamps and cd players first and you will see what I am talking about. The Aerial 10's are alot of speaker with very little faults.
Hope this helps.
I would not mess with the crossovers. Sounds like you have a room acoustics problem. I'd get an RTA, and play with placement and bass absorbing room tweaks.
Xover is fine. Get a Bryston 4BSST, and some good speaker cable ten or twelve awg and they will sing, mine sure do. A tube preamp is great as well. I like my 10 t's very well. Jallen
Thanks for suggestions. The system had been moved to a different room, but before I've never experiensed these problems.
Sunfire amps are fair contenders to Bryston or Classe ones but with substantially lower price and I like them together with my little super clean Classe 30 preamp. What's done so far is tightening the speaker drivers all of them and moved 1" further from the rear walls. In my vinyl set up I've adjusted VTA. So far the balance is substantially better. Now I've got to the point of loading speakers with lead shot or truely placing them onto the stands. Sound Anchors are probably to tall... Is there any other good options?

Thanks to all!
I've been a long time owner of the 10Ts driving them with a McCormack DNA-500 amp. I can tell you that placing these speakers too close to a rear wall will definitely muddy the bass. I have mine on the long wall of a 24x12 room pulled out about 15 inches between rear of speaker and rear wall and about 9 feet apart. Bass is deep, tight and tuneful.
OOPS in my previous comment I meant 1' further totalling to almost 3' away from the wall.
Now they're 5' appart and my listening distance is 5'.
I've owned my 10T's for 10 years now, in 2 different rooms. Some original reviews hinted at a slight bit of bloat in the mid bass in the 10T's. I experienced that with when I used a big Classe amplifier, and the problem disappeared when I changed to Krell amp. So a high-power amp with strong bass control will help to some degree with this speaker.

However, I'm sure what you're hearing is room related. First strategy is to change speaker placement. Next is room treatment.

Sound anchors will also help some, as well as make other nice improvements. Don't worry about the fact that the anchors will move the tweeter above ear height. I moved and now sit close to my 10T's. After listening for a while without the sound anchors (I had the same concern you have about height), I put them back on the sound anchors I'd used in my big room when I sat farther back. Much better! The biggest benefit is a higher and more airy sound stage. Bass control also improved, but not by a huge margin.

You have some great speakers. Good luck!
Only after spending quite a while of listening to 10t I realized I needed to break my promise not to upgrade.
They've replaced my Totem Forest for just $1500/pair. I admit that they are much tougher to set up and need more attention.
Placement is one of the MOST important values for this speaker to sound right. When it's placed right it's very hard to beat them with 10x money spent.