Aerial 10T / Levinson 336

I'm using some old Audio Quest 4 conductor cables between my Levinson 336 and my Aerial 10T's (bi-wired)- and have thought about trying some new ones out.

Any recomendations?

I'm using Audio-Magic from my pre to the amp and am very happy with them. I will probably audition some of their cables - but figured you guys would have some more ideas of what I may try out.

My budget is prob $500.

Levinson/Aerial combo wants Transparent, however if it is a little too hot on top you may want to try Acoustic Zen.

I had 10t/336 Combo......great synergy and very deeeeep soundstage. :-O

Good luck Jim.


Paul :-)
Thanks Paul - you are not the only one to recommend Transparent. :)

I am quite smitten with the 10T/336 combo - esp now that the caps have been replaced.
Hey, Jim... glad to hear the 336 is working out well for you with the 10Ts! I've been using the JPS SC+ biwire on my 10Ts for many years (started back when I first got the Levinson 331). I spent a good bit of time comparing them to different cables via the Cable Company and ultimately found the JPS to work best for me and my room. Haven't done any further exploring in quite some time, but I'd love to hear what you come up with.

One cable that I've heard much praise on (but have not tried) are the Straley Reality cables ( They're actually quite inexpensive so might be worth a shot.
Mike - thanks for the recommendations I'll look into them for sure.

Hope all is well with you!