Aerial 10T latest version vs Revel Salon or Studio

With Proper electronics would changing from the Aerial 10T to either the Revel Ultima Salon or Revel Studio provide an
upgrade or improvement in 2 channel stereo or the home theater experience? I am running a wadia 861 directly to a krell amplifier bypassing the subwoofer. Would the revels provide more bass or add something to the music that the Aerials do not? I also use the Aerial 10T's for home theater and use the aerial sw-12 subwoofer.

Your 10t's are a great speaker. I had a pair myself, I now own 20t's.

You are comparing apples and oranges. Personally I would prefer the 10t's over the Revel Studio, however the Salon may outperform the 10t. Salons want lots of power as do the 10t's. The Salons and Studios have a rear-firing tweeter. Your best choice may be to stay with what you've already got.


Paul :-)
With the right amplification, I would not underestimate the excellent potential of the 10T's.

I've owned my 10T's for 4.5 years now and love 'em more with each amp upgrade I've made. My last amp upgrade was 2.5 years ago. That particular amp upgrade along with cabling choices have made all the difference in the world regarding the 10T's performance.

Sure there's always better out there, but I'd highly recommend attempting to extract the greatest gains out of what you have before moving on.

A couple of things to consider with the 10T's. If you don't have the optional sound anchor stands, you might consider finding a used pair. Then install some 2.0 Star Sound Audio Points with 3/8" bolts underneath. Then wait 8 days.

In addition, you might try the Audio Tekne interconnects and speaker cables. Easily the very best I've ever heard and will do wonders for the 10T's.

I've put together 2 systems in the last 5 years. Both of them used Studios. I looked around the first time, liked the Studios best, and bought them. I had to sell that system due to a move, but when another move allowed a new system, I went looking for speakers again. I still couldn't find anything close to the price that I preferred. To me, the Studios are significantly more enjoyable than the 10Ts have been when I've heard them. Is the same true for you? Who knows...

It's been many years since I heard the 10Ts, so I'm not really in a good position to comment on any specific aspects of their performance. I do remember being happy to get home to my Studios after listening to them. The 10Ts had better associated equipment than I was using, and were in a treated room.

Find a way to listen to the Studios. If your ears are like mine, you're going to be thrilled with the upgrade the Revels will give you. If not, you've justified your purchase of the 10Ts quite nicely, and will have all the more reason to listen to them happily.
Regarding the Aerial 10Ts
I've been in high end stereo for over 30 years now. And equipment matching is very important. Also is the speaker & equipment placement. Most people don't realize how much vibration can really effect sound. So it is extremely important that you make sure, that all your equipment racks are vibration free. In Asia like the shun monk company. They use tuned maple platforms under there speakers & amplifiers. WHAT A TWEAK THIS IS! You wanna here more detail? Better bass respond? And more musical insights? I've even put them under all my equipment racks. Talk about a revelation! Also the ac power problem. Have you ever listented to your system at certain times of the day or night. And it sounded different? Especially when your living like me, in a 16 story condo.I'll get to that another time! So anyway, dealing with sound is a science. I grew up in California in the music business. Did my share of composing & writing for film & the record biz, just to let you know where I'm coming from. So again, back to a good set up is extremely important. So before you go out and replace the 10Ts. Try some of my suggestions. YOU'LL BE GLAD THAT YOU DID! Those classic speakers, will sound like a new pair to you. TRUST ME. I've heard quite a few speakers over the years.

Best of luck.