Aerial 10T in a small room

I used my 10T's in a large room for 10 years and loved it. We just moved, and the new room is much smaller (14 x 14, with an 8' ceiling). I haven't set the system up yet - we're still unpacking. I'm wondering whether they will still work well, or whether I should be looking at high quality monitors with a good sub. I'm not against using an equalizer with an RTA to tune out the expected bumps in the bass frequency response. I use a Krell FPB400cx for power and they rocked before. I'm a drummer, so appreciate slam and deep bass (any Dave Weckl fans out there?). Any input?
There is no need to worry I'm pretty sure. I had my 10Ts
on the long wall with just 13-feet wall-to-wall and there
was no booming or bass overload. The 10Ts had a very controlled bass in my room (but still nice and deep).
I have had other speakers boom in the same spot, but not the 10Ts. I did not toe them in at all. I also had an 8-foot ceiling. I sold them and kind of regret it.
I had a pair in a small room and they sounded good. I do think they sounded better when they were in a larger room with more power. They are hard to beat in the low end.
Larger room allows them to breathe.
I don't think square footage wise it will be a problem but the fact your ROOM is a square might cause some difficulty with set-up ... you may end up not be able to position the speakers where you want in relation to the rest of your furnishings to obtain balanced sound