Aerial 10 T vs Aerial 8 B

I do not have a local dealer, so I have not been able to compare, I need some advise on these, are the 10's worth the extra cost, I am using a jeff rowland synergy 2 preamp and a ead powermaster 1000 200 x5 8ohms and 375 4 ohms, thanks all
I can't tell you about the 8b, however I own a pair of 10t's and I've been happy with them over a year now. 10t will show you the flaws in your source components, however should sound excellent with your rowland/ead combo. I'm using: BAT VK50SE preamp BAT VKD5 tube CD player Sony SCD777ES SACD player Levinson 33H Works good!
The 10t is in another league compared to the 8b and can often be had used for less than the price of the 8b. I've owned 10t's for 5 years and continue to believe it is one of the best values in high end speakers.
I agree with Tswhitsel. Samski, search the threads for 10T to read what some of us say about those. One problem with the 8b is it's overpowering bass and difficulty in proper set-up. I have the 10Ts and can't find anything wrong with them. As far as the used prices are concerned, there have been internal and external changes done by Aerial over the years; so don't believe that a current 10T is the same as one that is 5 years old. The changes are not advertised.
I concur. I love my 10T's, but have been underwhelmed by other Aerial models, including the 8, which I've heard only at a dealer. If you can afford the 10T, buy it, but don't skimp on amplification. The speaker is so dynamic and revealing that it just sucks up power.
thanks for your responses, I have ordered the 10 T's based on all your responses, thanks again
Do any of you guys with more recent 10Ts have instructions for the sound anchor stands?? I didn't get any, and I'm told there are none. Thanks.
Sfbaydude - I have the original SA stands, can fax you directions if you like. Feel free to email me a fax number at [email protected] BTW all, I love my 10Ts, felt that they had a better bass balance for my 14 x 18 room vs the 8s. They sound great with my BATs.