Aerial 10-T ---Single Wire, Bi-Wire, & Bi-Amp

Looking for any feedback from Aerial 10-T owners who have bi-amped the speakers. Currently running Audience AU24 single wire. Contemplating finding another set of the AU24's and giving bi-amping a shot, (with Theta Dread 1), but before I invest in another set of speaker cables would like to hear from anyone who has already gone this route.

Hey Mattkimb96,

I'm currently bi-wiring my 10t's and I have found that it does help a bit. I'm using a Classe CA 301. This is working very well but I know the bass can be controlled much better with more current. More amp is definitely better with these speakers, IMO.

I have a second 301 due to arrive in a few days so I will be moving to a bi-amp, monoblock configuration soon (1700 watts per channel). Then I will keep the speaker cables as short as possible. This is another improvement I have heard before in a previous system.
I did bi-wire my 10T's with my previous cables and had a preference for that.

That is until I purchased my Au24 speaker cables 18 months ago. Since that time, I've had no desire to bi-wire.

I do use the Au24 6 inch jumpers.

Care to share why you are inquiring?

Woohoo! I just got a call from home to tell me that my new amp showed up today. Guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

Based largely off of one of your earlier post I auditioned the AU24 speaker cables and was blown away by the level of detail associated with them. I am integrating a Theta Dreadnaught 1 into the system and with the cabability with it to bi-amp the Aerial's, I was simply intriqued with what the sound differential would be versus the single wire application. Obviously would have to invest in another set of AU24's to hear for myself but before I took on that additional expense simply wanted to see what the feedback was from other individuals that had gone the bi-amp route.

Not sure what the downsides to it would be save the cost of the additional run of speaker cables, but wanted to float the question to capture multiple points of view/experience.

Thanks again for your tip on the Audience...I'm not even thinking of speaker cable "tweaking" anytime soon. Do want to give their interconnects a try but simply can't afford that move right now.
Mattkim96, you're quite welcome. The Au24 speaker cables have been outstanding. A few months ago, I purchased a few pair of Au24 XLR ic and have been quite impressed with the improvements there as well.

Audience used to have a white paper of sorts on their web-site where they actually recommend not bi-wiring (don't know about bi-amping).