Aerial 10 T and EAD Poermaster 1000 ?

I am currently using the aerial model 6 with the ead powermaster 1000 (200x5 in 8 ohms), I am thinking of going to the aerial 10 t, any opinions if the ead would be suficient
I have 10Ts driven by a Krell FPB 200c. So this amp puts out tons of current. If I recall the impedance of the Aerials is 4 ohms. With the Krell, at 4 ohms it puts out 400 w/c. This level of amplification and in class A is great with the 10T. Now if you EAD will do that, then you will be pleased. Just look to see what the wattage is at 4 ohms; if it doubles with the other channels being driven, then you are fine. I understand the 10T sounds even better with the Krell 600, but I can't hear those differences. I can tell you one thing, you will be way happier with the 10T than the 6. I was gonna go with the 7b, but the difference was just too awesome, so I bought the 10Ts and in rosewood too. Plan on biwiring. This setup rocks!!
I am using 10t's with vtl st150 tube amp 150 watts rms & they sound great Astonishing detail! . 200 watts tube would be the optimum!
I have 10t's as well. Using Levinson 33H's with great results. Try and hear the 10t's with reference grade amps! Blow you away!
Well, one thing's for certain, those of us with 10Ts are very lucky indeed! Gee Weiserb I have heard them with ARC tubes at 200 per side. It was very nice, and I didn't listen to them critically enough to compare them to my Krell. Still we're all pleased and using high end, though different, amplification. Kelly knows what he's doing!
Loving my 10Ts with BAT VK-30/VK-200 combo. Plenty of current from the BAT, wonderful texture, holographic detail. Voices especially splendid. Combines the liquidity of tubes with the slam of SS, which the Aerials punch out with gusto. This system combines the talents of Michael Kelly of Aerial and Victor Khomenko of BAT into a perfect match. Me is lucky.
You guys with 10Ts: What kinds of room treatments have you been using? And do you use the stands? I don't have any room treatments. I have it set with room objects doing absorption and reflection. I've got concrete floors (carpeted) and walls. I'm using the stands. Looking forward to your responses.
SFbaydude you want your ear to be between the tweeter and the mid-range driver.If the stands bring this mesurement too high try them just spiked directly to the floor.If you are sitting above this point you can take the felt ring off and find some 3/8's inch brass acorn nuts and place three of them were the felt was and you will get a much more focused sound stage with greater seperation.I have been an Aerial dealer since 93.As far as the original question,for home theater speakers in that size NOTHING will beat the 10T's....PERIOD!As for EAD I will be polite and just say that it is not my cup of tea.
Sound_decisions: Thanks for the comments. I've got a clarification question for you. My ears are at slightly different heights depending on the angle of my reclining listening chair; it's extremely adjustable, even height. Regardless, my ears are generally at the height you specify. Do you think that the increased separation and more focused soundstage relates to that height position or to the removal of the felt ring and replacement with brass nuts (acorn??)? I would also say that I use them in a HT setup, but mostly for listening in stereo. See my first post in this thread re my amplification; my dealer also sells EAD, and he would not let me get any EAD equipment (compared to all Krell). I've got a cc3 and SR3s. Oh another question: Do you think the cc3 sounds significantly different from the cc3b? Thanks!
SFBAYDUDE:The increase in seperation of the performers and the larger more focused soundstage has to do with the removable felt ring.An acorn nut is a nut that has a round top so that a bolt can not go all the way through it(like a cap).I would not replace your CC3 unless you want to go to the CC5.The amount you might gain for the dollar amount is not worth it.I perfer Krell over EAD but I do care not for the sound of Krell,too slow,no bass(I am talking about bass that is below 40 HRTZ)loses information,not tonaly correct enough for my tastes,not enough seperation of the performers on the soundstage,Gryphon has spoild me,it is the most tonaly correct solid state that I know of (Goldmond is also good tonaly but does not have the foundation but then NOTHING has the foundation of a Gryphon).If your hart is set on Krell,you can extract more life out of it with cables.Power cords are a must.If anyone out there is using the stock Beldon power cords,you'll be amazed at how much more open your amp can be with the right cords on it.