AER Pisces MkIII what have I done?

I just purchased for $300.00 on internet,how stupid was that? I am a rookie at this, plan to use these with a Sony 105 watt per channel reciever for music and TV in my beedroom.I would like to know if anybody has heard of this company or this speaker?
Here is a review of the version 2 of these speakers.

Since you have already bought them, give them a try and see what you think.
I purchased a pair about two years ago. They were okay after a 100 hour white/pink noise run in. However, they are packed away now as I went back to my ProAc 1sc's. AER is no 1sc or B&W which they try to minick, by a long shot.
Hey, for $300 you got some nice speakers. Fire 'em up and sit back and enjoy...

I put together a budget second system utilizing the very same speakers and I enjoy them a great deal. It sounds like they will pair pretty well with what you have in mind. We all know you get what you pay for but I believe there is a good bit of value in the little AER's as long as you don't expect them to sound like megabuck monitors.