AE1 / Totem / Dynaudio,which one is better?

I'm looking for a pair of small monitor,my choice is :

1.Acoustic Energy AE1 Classic
2.Totem Model 1 Signature
3.Dynaudio Focus 110

I like crystaline/crisp/extended high,fast and dynamic sounding,mainly listen to fusion jazz(fourplay,bob james,lee ritiniour,larry calton,etc.),be-bop,big band,oldies vocal,no classical music,my associated equipment is Spectral DMC-12 / DMA90.

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Better yet, look at the Mani from Totem. Though the one is also a good speaker, but in my opinion that Mani is "the" Totem speaker with regards to monitors.
All your options are very good speakers but before you buy, you ought to hear the Merlin TSM MME or MMX. Outstanding monitors!!!
Thats funny, both of those companies have used Dynaudio drivers in the past and in fact Merlin is still using a Dynaudio tweeter. Why not just buy Dynaudio? Dynaudio's current driver's are much better than the ones they supply other speaker assemblers.