AE1 MkIII SE vs LSA1 Statement

Wondered if anyone in the Audiogon community has had an opportunity to audition the Acoustic Energy AE1MkIII SE. As I understand, distribution is US is being reorganized so no where to listen to them. Excellent reviews.
On this thread have also read excellent comments on the LSA1 Statement. Need small monitor speakers on stands such as these. Amp is Krell KSA 200 so lots of power.
Anyone have any comments, besides price differences? Thanks
haven't heard the SE version, but the AE1mk3 and the Classic are both great. the mk3 is slightly more neutral, but if(and only if) you gotta have a 'mini' monitor, you could do alot worse. though its a bit larger, and way less expensive, check out the ACI. they should all 'rule' with the krell.
Thank you Jaybo. Not familiar with the ACI. Will look into it.
they are out of wisconsin, and they've been around a long time. i would recommend, you get what your head and heart tell you to get. otherwise, you'll kick yourself.