Advise requested on cleaning the laser in a CDP

I have a NAD S500 CDP which is now about 3 years old. I have used a dry cleaning CD a few times but I always wonder how effective these are ? I was about to take the top off the CDP and see if the laser can be cleaned manualy. Is there any potential problems I should be aware of ? Will I actually be able to get to the laser in the CD transport ?
Actully I have the same question - how to care for a CDP. I hope you don't mind me riding on your thread. Mine is a Copland CDA 289 HDCD player. I've had it a little over two years and just lately I've experiencing skips or repeats on CDs which played fine until now. I've never tried using any cleaning products on my CDs or on the CDP. I guess the obvious thing to try is to clean one of the skipping CDs and see if it makes any difference. I guess I'll do just that while we wait responses here...
Most eye glass place carry these and recommend that only this method be used for cleaning PLASTIC lens'es.

I use it on mine, and on the CRT outputs on my projector.

It works like a champ.

When my 8-year old transport developed some erratic skipping behavior I gently cleaned the lens using a Q-tip dipped in 99% isopropyl alcohol and dried it with a clean one. The result: the transport wouldn't even initialize CD's. A call to the manufacturer informed me that a new laser assembly offering about 95% of the performance of the original one was available for about $300. In a fit of wishful thinking I pondered whether the alcohol shorted something out. The manufacturer suggested I leave the cover off overnight and retest.

The next day the transport continued to play dumb. I studied the mirror finish on the lens with the aid of a magnifying glass. This worked best at an acute angle because looking directly down upon it did not yield an accurate picture of its topmost surface. Only then could I clean it flawlessly. But despite my best effort the transport still refused to initialize any CD. Clearly my cleaning efforts had disturbed something.

I got to thinking about lenses and focusing and repairs and technicians. I dove back into the unit. This time I noticed my lens rests in an elastic cradle. Apparently the Q-tip's pressure on the lens had depressed the lens out of range, too deeply into the cradle. I pried it back into intuitive alignment with the top of the swing arm in which the lens assembly rests. The result: the transport was working again. Yippee! I was back where I started with a perfectly clean lens. Unfortunately the transport still skipped.

In desperation I returned the unit to the manufacturer who replaced some capacitors and lubed the bearings for $225. Result: no skipping at all and normal operation restored. Ta da! The moral: no condition is permanent. Dig into that NAD and give it a bash.
Loontoon what is it that most eyeglass places carry that I should get for cleaning the CDP laser ?
if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!!
You don't need any cleaning of a lens at all!!!!!
I have had 5 disc players running 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for eight years... never cleaned and always played fine.
I DO clean off the CDs with a cosmetic brush... a big one. If the discs are clean, no dirt (especially a single strand of hair, the worst possible intermittent skip problem maker) gets in.
Just because you think, gee, maybe if I clean the lens, it will be better... STOP!!!
If it works, leave it alone!!!
(I own over a dozen CD type devices with lasers and have had a dozen more in the past)
moral: do not clean it!!! clean the damn discs
Elizabeth is right. Keep your grubby hands off the laser. The laser is on something like an arm which is servo-controlled and very delicate. Also the laser shines through a miniature lens system that is continuously adjusted to maintain focus on the spinning disc. It's a wonder that it works when new. If the player reads the disc at all, but skips, the problem is most likely in the arm control or focus servos.
I suppose having come through the age when we used to have to clean heads on tape decks manually (for best results), stylises on turntables, electrical connections (still required) etc. I couldn't resist having a go at the laser on the CDP (even if there is no physical contact for the laser). So last night off came the top cover on the CDP. The laser is still not that easy to get to as there is a metal strip that is part of the cd drive that runs straight over the top of the laser. Hower there are some slots in the metal stip that allow you to use a Q tip (I think thats what other countries call cotten buds) to clean the laser. I used some Kodak cleaning fluid I had for cleaning CD's on the Q tip. Then used a strip of dry,lint free cloth over the top of a dry Q tip to finish it off. I must say you need to be very gentel when you are cleaning the laser. I am not sure how the laser is attached but it actully rocks slightly as you clean it.(I saw on another post that the laser was mounted in rubber)
Any way how did it work ? GREAT The CDP worked straight away with no problems and I believe it sounds better. Better high frequency response and detail. Some people will just say that because you worked on it you will think it sounds better. But I really do believe it has made a slight but noticable improvement.
Cleaning the laser by hand is not something I will be doing often but I reckon I will probably put it on my list to do once a year.
Thanks to all who repied to my original request for advice.