Advise please - Pre and SS AMP for Dynaudio C4's


I currently run an EMM Labs CDSA SE with Plinius Tautoro pre and Plinius SA103's running as dual mono's. Valhalla interconnects and cardas golden reference speaker cables. I have been thinking of upgrading to the Plinius SA-REF AMP for lower noise floor and greater detail, but now concidering options for the pre and AMP. Was thinking of ARC REF 5 pre, with Plinius SA-REF. I listen to accoustic, male, female voices, pop, rock and techno beats.

Can anyone comment on the choices above re matching/synergy and or, what they are sucessfully mating with C4's. I do not want to go with tube AMP's or class D. I would like to stay within the same price bracket, new or used.

Thanks in advance.


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I would personally put tubes on them. Something beefy though. I used two Vac Phi 200's on my electrostats that are 83 db abd 4 ohms. They drove them perfectly which means yours would be a snap. Something not even most SS amps would do. However I remember the C4's being paired with Ayre MXR's with good results. I think just about any quality SS amp will do well.