Advise please - Pre and SS AMP for Dynaudio C4's


I currently run an EMM Labs CDSA SE with Plinius Tautoro pre and Plinius SA103's running as dual mono's. Valhalla interconnects and cardas golden reference speaker cables. I have been thinking of upgrading to the Plinius SA-REF AMP for lower noise floor and greater detail, but now concidering options for the pre and AMP. Was thinking of ARC REF 5 pre, with Plinius SA-REF. I listen to accoustic, male, female voices, pop, rock and techno beats.

Can anyone comment on the choices above re matching/synergy and or, what they are sucessfully mating with C4's. I do not want to go with tube AMP's or class D. I would like to stay within the same price bracket, new or used.

Thanks in advance.

I heard the C-4's with the Audio Research Ref 3 and AR mono tube amps in a dedicated well designed soundroom and it sounded awesome. I used to own the C-2's
I would personally put tubes on them. Something beefy though. I used two Vac Phi 200's on my electrostats that are 83 db abd 4 ohms. They drove them perfectly which means yours would be a snap. Something not even most SS amps would do. However I remember the C4's being paired with Ayre MXR's with good results. I think just about any quality SS amp will do well.
I've been using Parasound JC1s for years and recently upgraded pre (Pass X1)to Pass XP20 with good results.The warmer and sweeter sounding Pass XA.5 amps (100.5 and above)also complement the C4s well, although at a higher cost. Still, to my ears I prefer the added reserves of power and neutrality of the JC1s, but this is a matter of personal taste. Both Pass and Parasound have excellent post sale service which is a plus when paying these prices. Keep in mind that the C4s require current to do their best.
I found the perfect to the C4 is Gryphon Amp because the early famous gryphon amp was designed by using C4 as a reference speaker at that time. So if you found the old version of Gryphon Amp (or even latest version which is so expensive), they will match perfectly with C4. The smaller Gryphon integrated amp like Tabu can produce the surprisingly great sound on C4 if you are lucky to fine one