Advise on VHS/VCR to purchase New or Used??

My older Sony VCR is near death...SLV-676UC. What is the best picture/sound/value out there in a new or used VCR? My TV is an older Sony XBR series and I am using the 9000 model SACD/DVD unit for DVD's but still want to be able to rent movies for my childern..etc.
Super VHS machine is the way to go in that respect. Check the J&R Music World site they have several models available.
You can buy a new S-Video JVC 3800 for under 150! I got two for $138/each three months ago off the net. (Search on shopping engine for current best price.) Even at $150 it's a great buy. It records in "ET" mode which is S-VHS quality on regular tape. (However, it'll play back only on an "ET" capable machine.) Tuner and picture quality is outstanding. Up to three years ago you had to pay $300 for the same features! Not only will this machine play your children's tapes, you'll be able to record off the air/cable in good quality. At this price buying used makes no sense.
I'm with jwong1; Don't buy a used vcr.(period) I like the JVC line and like Bobby_B; says get a super -vhs machine.
If you will buy online then go to and get the best price on the JVC Super VHS machines or any other.
Ditto the JVC SVHS VCRs. I've owned twelve VCRs in my lifetime and have never been happy with one until I bought an HR-S7600U. Highly recommended. Buy the highest model you can afford. Don't buy used. leo.