Advise on used 1k to 1.5k pre-amp

I'm upgrading my system for better 2 channel performance and am looking for a pre-amp to go with Citation 7.1 amps. I'd like to get a quality transparent sounding pre-amp which will not be the limiting factor in my system. I'll be upgrading my cdp (Cambrige D500-SE) to something used also in the $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 range. Speakers will be my last upgrade and I'm looking along the lines of
B&W N804
B&W 802 Matrix S-III
Von Schweikert VR4-GenII
Vandersteen 3A-sig
Silverline Sonata
Meadowlark Heron
I'd like to get a pre-amp which will allow me to get close to the best of speakers such as these.(when combined with an equally good cdp)
Adcom 750 pre is unbelievably transparent with no feedback designed by nelson pass and class A stereophile recomended,I also agree with the B&W choice.
Go with the B&W if you like thier sound, Check older peices from Krell, Classe and ML....the 38 comes to mind for close to your price range, perhaps a tad more...but worth it.
For tubes look at some of the Audio Research and Bat equipment.....very good stuff!
as always, good luck................Vader.
Any thoughts,comparisons or recommendations regarding;
Mark Levinson 38
Conrad Johson PFR
Krell KRC-3

I'm considering these 3 used units as well as a new Adcom GFP-750.(is this like throughing in a Chevy against a bunch of Mercedes or is the Adcom a worthy opponent to these?) All I really care about is sound quality and reliability. Aesthetics and name brand recognition are totally secondary.


Please try a pass labs x-2. by far the best pre-amp under 2.5k retail. certainly you can get one for under 1.5k.

They are a great balance with my Thiel 2.3's

Goto their website.